Cafés in Ljungandalen, Destination Sundsvall - 7 Treffer

Café Haverö hembygdsgård

Gebiet: Wälder  Karte

Cafés Café in an old and pleasant environment with outstanding views. Sit down with a cup of coffee and just enjoy life. Open during the summer.

Café Haverö Strömmar

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés Café Haverö Strömmar is located beautiful at Sörströmmen in Haverö. Open weekends in summer. Arts and crafts sales

Café Ponderosa, Ånge camping

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés Welcome to a cozy café! Café Ponderosa is beautifully located at Ånge camping. Here you also find the camping, and the Senses Art Park. Senses Art Parks are a beautiful garden ...

Café Toppstugan

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés A small but very popular café at the top of Getberget, with a grand view of Ljungandalen.

Eldnäsets flottningsmuseum (copy)

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés Eldnäset floating museum shows the old gear, black and white photos and a slide show that tells of fleet the lives and times. There is also a forest cabin and a charcoal kiln. C...

Kafé Tingshuset

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés Nice summercafé located in the courthouse in the art for Borgsjö hembygdsgård.

Minnenas café

Gebiet: Ljungandalen  Karte

Cafés Café and farm shop in the flea market and the sale of local products. Food & pastries genuinely cooked from scratch, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Gluten-free options are av...

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