Zu erleben in Wälder, Ljungandalen - 9 Treffer

Borgsjö Church

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Övriga besöksmål The church in Borgsjö is regarded as one of the highest ranked rokoko churches in the country. The head of the church's construktion was church builder Daniel Hagman. The church...

Borgsjö Skans

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Museen / Kulturgeschichtliche Plätzen One of the local history's most important monuments are Borgsjö skans. It was in the 1600s the Swedish border with Norway and the site of bitter border disputes. A signposted pa...


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Övriga besöksmål The beautiful area around Byforsen is a popular recreation area with paths, shelters and campfire sites.

Eldnäsets flottningsmuseum

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Museen / Kulturgeschichtliche Plätzen Eldnäset floating museum shows the old gear, black and white photos and a slide show that tells of fleet the lives and times. There is also a forest cabin and a charcoal kiln. C...

Haverö Hembygdsgård

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Övriga besöksmål Haverö Homestead was founded in 1935. The heritage center includes 17 buildings. In the area there are collections with about 3000 items. The museum is housed in the main buildi...

Haverö Strömmar

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Övriga besöksmål Between Kyrksjön and Medingen rapids Ljungan presented in three segments: Sörströmmen, Norrströmmen and Kvisselströmmen. On an 8 km stretch is a largely undeveloped stretch of c...


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Museen / Kulturgeschichtliche Plätzen Slöjdmuseet is a cultural treasure without equal situated in the heart of Ljungandalen. Gösta Sundin has been using the knife and sandpaper created the most detailed models of y...

Strömmens Hofmeierei

Gebiet: Wälder  Karte

Kunsthandwerk, Övriga besöksmål, Cafés Der Hof liegt am Fluss, ein wenig außerhalb von Boltjärn mitten im großen Wald. In unserem Hofladen verkaufen wir erstklassigen Käse aus Schaf- und Kuhmilch aus eigener Herstell...


Gebiet: Wälder  Karte

Övriga besöksmål Vikbron is Sweden's longest wooden bridge of its kind. Its beautiful wooden structure spanning 133 meters over Ljungans shiny water. The bridge is open to pedestrians and the be...

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