Registration for black 101 km (former Red)

Date: Sunday 26 may 2019 - Sunday 26 May 2019

Starting at Sidsjö Hotel & Conference on Paviljongvägen at 10:45 .

The route goes through Viforsen where it turns left and over Viforsbron. Then, the route to Sörfors where it turns right towards Matfors via Lucksta. The route continues through Matfors straight until Vattjom. Left in Vattjom then continues on Vattjomsvägen to turn right on E14 .

E14 is followed to Nedansjö where the route turns right again. The road followed the Svartån where it turns right onto the road to Huljen. The route follows the road all the way past Västerro and Hov. After Hov will be a sharp right onto the road to Töva. In Töva swinging distance left before a right turn out for E14. E14 followed until we take a right onto Vattjomsvägen.

Right after Statoil in Vattjom turn left. After passing under the E 14 turn left onto route Matfors Road. Matfors road enters Runsviksvägen which is then followed by Viforsen back towards goal at Sidsjö Hotel & Conference on Paviljongvägen 9.

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Available on: 26/05/2019