Salmon Aquarium in Bergeforsen

Address: Akvarievägen 7, 86030 Bergeforsen Show map

Address: Akvarievägen 7, 86030 Bergeforsen

The popular salmon aquarium in Bergeforsen attracts and fascinates.

The salmon in the aquarium taken from the "ladder" (a construction built with the purpose to enable the fish to get past obstacles, e. g. waterfalls) adjacent to the aquarium. The fish swim into the "ladder", and from there into a small basin with a basket underneath, which can be lifted easily.

The "ladder" is used primarily to collect fish for the cultivation. The popular reeling in of the nets is nowadays a pure tourist event. However, the fish in the aquarium are changed regularly.

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About this activity

  • Facilities
    Free of charge
  • Special requirements
  • Mobile phone
    +46 070-315 76 09
  • Contact person name
    Börje Sahlin
  • Opening hours
    During the summer time, Midsommar through August 31, 9am-8pm