Ånge Shopping Center

Address: Järnvägsgatan, 841 32 Ånge Show map

Address: Järnvägsgatan, 841 32 Ånge

In Ånge you will find almost anything when it comes to shopping. The so-called Ånge Köpcentrum offers a wide variety of clothes, both used and new, furniture and leisure items and much more. Come and spend a day on Ånge's shopping streets!

Ånge probably has more to offer than you think when it comes to shopping. How about second hand stores and garage sales, floral and furniture stores, sports and leisure shops, a bookstore, and more. To set down the shopping bags for a while, you can visit one of Ånges cafés or have a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

Here are some examples of stores you find in Ange Shopping Malls.

Eklids Electronics
Colorama Ånge
Prinsessans Garderob
Järn och Byggvaruhuset
På Tryck
Jiges Ånge
Handelsbanken Ånge
Swedbank Ånge
Ånge Bokhandel
Studio Attityd
Coop Konsum Ånge
Salong Ge-Be
Ärtiga Märtas salong
Erikshjälpen Ånge
Ånge Blommor
Strömmens Gårdsmejeri
Magnetizer- konst

Welcome to a really nice shopping experience! Many of the stores at Ånge Shopping Center are centrally located near the square. Some are located along Norra Bergsjövägen, others at Affärshuset Mejeriet along Lantmannagatan. Some are just outside Ånge. Go around the village exploring to find all the gems. Please call the tourist office for exact directions to each store.

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    Open year round.


  • City
    Ånge center 0.3 km
    Timrå center 86 km
  • Train station
    Ånge Station 0.4 km
    Timrå Station 86 km
  • Tourist information
    Ånge Touristoffice 14 km
    Stenstan Visitor Center 86 km
  • Attraction
    Bergsåker racetrack 82 km
    Himlabadet waterpark 85 km
  • Arena or meeting point
    Mid Sweden University 85 km
    Tonhallen/Folkets Park 85 km
  • Bus station
    Sundsvall bus station 87 km
  • Shopping
    IKEA 87 km
    Birsta City 87 km
  • Airport
    Sundsvall Timrå Airport 92 km