Galtströms Ironworks

Address: Galtström, 862 96 Njurunda Show map

Address: Galtström, 862 96 Njurunda

Galtström ironworks was founded in 1673 and is Medelpad first largest and last ironworks. Galtström offers many activities and is a popular spot for a day trip

Today Galtström ironworks is a nationwide interesting historic building that is owned and maintained by the SCA. It is also one of Medelpad largest tourist destination with over 30,000 visitors a year. Summertime arranged guided tours, there are nature trails, steam engines, forest museum and animal husbandry, etc. Galtström Café and Restaurant is open daily from April to August, other times by appointment. Galtström church is also located nearby, it is Norrland first iron church was built 1680-1697.

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