Address: Åsen, 860 41 Liden Show map

Address: Åsen, 860 41 Liden

The Homestead Museum in Liden is located on Vättaberget with beautiful views of indaslälven. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in a peaceful setting. Old houses, log cabins and a smithy. Summertime the restaurant/café serve locally produced food, coffee, homemade bread and waffles.

In the manor house which was built in 1846, there is a café during june-august, with outdoor seating with 40 seats

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About this activity

  • Facilities
    Free of charge
  • Mobile phone
    +46 070-279 33 11
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  • Opening hours
    All year round, café in the summertime june-aug Tuesdays-sundsvays 11.00-18.00