HK Sundsvall Second Hand

Address: Ortviksvägen 18 , 856 33 Sundsvall Show map

Address: Ortviksvägen 18 , 856 33 Sundsvall

Humanistic Capital places the individual and its environment in the center.
Together we create a "good spiral" where the right choices and good decisions help us grow as human beings in a rising and expanding spiral.
We have furniture, household items, flowers, clothing, used bikes and more.

We also wash cars and change tires. Have you done a basement, attic or garage cleanup and got a lot of things over or does your business have stuff over? Furniture, clothes, household items, everything we sell in our stores is of interest. Call and we'll collect or come in yourself.

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  • Attraction
    Casino Cosmopol 2 km
    Himlabadet waterpark 3 km
  • Arena or meeting point
    Nordichallen/Gärdehov 2 km
    Norrporten Arena 3 km
  • Bus station
    Sundsvall bus station 2 km
  • Train station
    Sundsvall Central Station 2 km
    Timrå Station 10 km
  • Tourist information
    Stenstan Visitor Center 2 km
    Ånge Touristoffice 75 km
  • City
    Sundsvall center 2 km
    Timrå center 10 km
  • Shopping
    IKEA 6 km
    Birsta City 6 km
  • Airport
    Sundsvall Timrå Airport 15 km